In the past year when I page through all the popular magazines like People, US and hairstyle magazines and I see all the movie and music stars with short styles. There are so many woman that are reluctant to go with a short style as they have had long hair for so long, I totally understand that as we all tend to get comfortable with a certain look and are reluctant to make the change, reasons can be many as I hear all the time my husband or boyfriend won’t like it. My question to that, how would he know if he has never seen you with a shorter style?
With so many of these short styles bangs have really come back strong as there are so many different ways to wear your bangs as this can really emphasize your beautiful eyes. It is the job of the stylist to give you a style that accentuates your best features as I encourage that the customer ask the stylist what are my best features and how can we achieve a look that will feature them.
I have seen over my many years in the business how people get in a rut and how a new style can uplift them, having said that, I see so many women that have this long damaged hair that is stringy and looks ,bluntly said, worn out bad looking hair! If that is you, do something about and make that change and you will not only have better looking healthy hair and our stylist’s will show you how to style your hair and how to maintain your style with the many wonderful products we have to offer, the key to keeping your style looking it’s best is to use the proper products for your hair and our stylist’s are there to assist you.
I know how I have focused on women in this article but I want to state that there men out there that need to make a change with your hairstyle, I’m in my 50’s now and I had long hair until about 28 and I know that I can’t go back to it as it would be a bad look. When you start getting thinner on top of your head it’s not a good look to have the long mane, time for an update boys.
I want everyone to know that long hair is the way to go for many women and that is there best look and I just want everyone to wear what looks best for them.Even if you have a long style it can be modified a bit to improve your look.
I can tell you that are professional stylist’s will take the extra time and go over the facial features that you have and how you can make those strong facial features really stand out with right style for you.

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