How to keep your hair looking it’s best in the summer heat

Now that the temps are nearing the 90’s or higher with high humidity it can get very frustrating to keep your hair looking good.

Stay away from products that contain alcohol as they will cause your hair to be even more dry and frizzy, we recommend using moisturizing products and gentle shampoo formulas with a ph level between 5 and 6.

I commonly here clients state that they switch shampoos as they don’t work on their hair the same way unless they switch it up from time to time, I feel it could be tied to the climate. In the summer we are in the sun more and many are in the pool which of course chlorine will damage your hair.

If you are in the sun and spend time in the chlorine pools you must use products that protect your hair as we carry many great products that are stylist’s will assist you in choosing the right products for you.

Keep this in mind also that if you have chemically treated hair you will need much more protection and the texture of your hair plays a big part in what products you need.

Hair can be burned just like the skin and your see this directly from the sun and also with curling and flat irons. If you use a flat iron which is very popular right now make sure you use a product before you use your iron to protect your hair.

Most everyone knows that keeping hydrated with water is important and it will keep your skin and hair looking it’s best.

Make sure to keep those ends trimmed every 4-6 weeks to get rid of split ends as that will prevent the hair from tearing up the shaft of the hair.


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