Monthly Archives: July 2013

Back to school is approaching,bring your kids in!

Back to school is approaching fast and our stylist’s are ready to make sure your kid looks his best when he goes back to school. We keep up with the latest styles to make sure your kid is in style!

I know many parents will be happy that the long swooping bangs on the boys is on the way out, clean looking cuts with clean lines on the perimeter is always a good look.

For the girls there are so many options depending on the hair texture, facial structure as we will go over what are best options for your girl. Always remember to focus on your best features and how to accentuate them and we are there to assist you in that process.

I always suggest making a change with your look even if is subtle as the kids are starting a new year with new teachers and some new students that will become friends, it’s an exciting time with some anxiety so you want your kid to feel and look their best.

As I look back on my high school annuals and the elementary pictures I am always amazed that some of these kids could have had a better haircut. I fell into that category a few times as my Mom cut mine a few times and she was not a stylist’s as the pictures prove.

I hope you bring in your kids as we will do our best to make them look great!